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Ad copywriting importance Guiding. This article shares the best practices for writing successful text ads and Ad Copy Formulas and Requirements. all the best techniques to help ensure your ads succeed.

you have probably been involved in the content now for a couple of sessions to turn your account set up and your new campaigns. Briefly talk through setting up ad copy but now you really need to know the ins and outs of ad copy and all the best techniques to help ensure your ads succeed.

So first up we're going to talk through all the best practice techniques and then following on from this content is going to be a short session in exile on how to build your ads correctly and using some tips and formulas to help you along the way.



we've developed some best practices that guide us internally.

  • Highlight what makes your business unique.

  • Include your keywords in your ads

  • Encourage customers to take an action

  • Get exclusive.

  • Keep it consistent.

  • Make sure your issue and you are mobile-friendly

  • Ad experiment 


1. Highlight what makes your business unique.

So first up create an that you need to make sure you highlight what makes your business unique. So when we were doing in the campaigns that Oprah talked about obviously other competitors of course are going to be in your industry unless you're very lucky and it's just you.

So you are going to have to ensure that your ads are appealing and it give the customer a reason to click on you over your competitors.

  1. what really makes you stand out.

  2. Is it that you have great customer service.

  3. Is it they have fast delivery and free delivery.

  4. There will be loads of different things you could potentially be doing soon.

  5. And it all depends on your specific business.

So really get to know what customers like about you your products or services and tell that potential customer about it in your ads. So make it known to them and make them stand out.

2. Include your keywords in your ads

we need to include your keywords in your ads. So wherever the keyword is that you may be better on the need to Ideally be sure in your ads.

So if somebody was searching for example I went to land people say the first thing I want my ad to say. So it grabs the customer's attention is land PPC.

It's crucial.

  • This is what the customer is looking for.

  • So we need to be seeing it in the ads.

  • And this goes for any business.

Mega ads are really relevant to the keywords that you're bidding on. It's basically just showing people what they want to say. The main players that you particularly want to put your keywords although you can do it in your description as well as in the headlines.

So just really make sure that the keyword that the ad correlates to is in your headline preferably headline one.


3. Encourage customers to take an action

obviously having great ads is part of it but you also want your customers to take action. So what we mean by that is you need the ad to make the next step clear as well. So you know why are they clicking on the ad in your ad. What are they going to get from your Web site or how are they going to get in touch with you.

So you might have something like learn PPC online and fill in our quick and easy online form. It tells the potential customer straight away what they're going to have to do as soon as they click on that ad or if you're an e-commerce business.

 you're going to have similar things I shop online with us while there are two products available to buy online etc. So you're just telling the customer the action that they can be making with your website so they know

4. Get exclusive.

So don't give customers a reason to consider other brands just don't do it. So what can you be doing to make yourself exclusive?

It comes back a little bit to make yourself unique again. But just in a slightly different way you're going to do things like offering promotional codes and that gives users I don't know 10 percent of products on introductory offer and use limited offers.

You know we all know that a countdown offers something that's going to expire quite quickly. It gives that extra urgency. Users might be more inclined to click. So whatever is going to empower our customers to act now start doing it in your ads.

5. Keep it consistent.

what I mean by this is it's all well and good to have an amazing ad copy and you know we're pushing all the right message in the ads but if it doesn't correlate with exactly what's on your landing page and your customers are just caught in a balance.

So you know make sure your website is in line with what you're seeing in your ads.

For example -  if you go back to an exclusive offer let's say we've got 10 percent off our products today online and we land them through a page that mentions nothing about the 10 percent offer it is quite likely that your customers will then balance.

Nobody wants to have to search around a Web site for the thing that they clicked on to come through all. So just make sure that everything that you're pushing in your ads correlates with your London pages.

Now, this might seem obvious but make sure you check everything for errors. The amount of times I've seen simple issues such as spelling mistakes is quite ridiculous when it comes to ad copy and it's so easy to do especially.

 If you're typing in a hurry you just need to get something out there quickly or at a critical one is when you're doing it in Excel.

It's quite easy to miss a spelling mistake so exiles got a reasonable function to do spell-check. Just make sure you're doing that. And I was a girl that has very high professional and editorial standards so it will not approve ads that have things that aren't allowed in Google as well such as excessive punctuation and things like that.

We can go into more detail about Google's and editorial standards in another session to give you more indication about that. But in the meantime just keep it simple and don't set up with something like a spelling mistake.


6. Make sure your issue and you are mobile-friendly

Make sure your issue and you are mobile-friendly so we all know we live in a mobile-crazy world now and we need to make sure we are taking advantage of that when we consider our ad copy. 

So you want to make sure that your ads are being sent to a mobile-optimized page and also consider that your ads may actually appear differently on a mobile versus what they will on a desktop.

So if we think back to the campaign setup that we did and when we're in the ad section on the right-hand side there was a screen display of how an ad would potentially show any conflict between there to see mobile versus desktop.

As you'd probably expect and things might get corrupted or more on mobile so you might want to push your more important messages towards the front of your ads.

When you consider mobile and also just make sure you're using things like call extensions or call options and location extensions on your mobile as well.


7. Ad experiment 

Just to give customers an extra little bit last but not least experiment with your ads. So anyone who's gotten the relative who says you should know that experiment and testing is key to the success of a PPC account.

Understanding what really lends for your own business or your potential client's business. So I made a note here and go that route it and your ad automatically it the best performance. And so make sure you give it something to play with is what we're saying here. 

Make sure it's got a different number of ads so I'm saying three or four ads per ad group to really help understand what works best and what gets you the best pick for it.

You can then do minutes to unassigned victory and a conversion combined that will give you an ad index and really understand the the the performance of your ad so it's really as key just to experiment with different things and don't get comfortable either.

I know it can be easy to let things slide a little bit. Once you have what you might call a winning ad or something that's a game and you really go click survey results and both you know there's always something out there that could potentially do a little bit better. So you just want to keep testing all the time. 


So that we have it. We have your ad copy best practices.

So just to reiterate highlight what makes your business unique.

include your keywords in your ads to encourage customers to take an action. 

  • get exclusive.

  • keep it consistent.

  •  check everything for errors.

  • sure that you are mobile-friendly.

  • experiment.


Ad Copy Formulas and Requirements-

we're going to be explained some easy add formulas ( Download Excel file )  in exile to help you out when creating your expanded text ads within Google ads.

And so here we've got just a breakdown of the requirements character length et cetera that you'll need when creating your ads moving forward. .you've got headline 1 which has a character length of 30 and it is required.

And it basically is where this is going to be where you're most likely to get noticed. So you want to consider including ways that people might have. And the Google search engine helps you boost developments within your ad and you also want to consider your call to action to set the mood in your head.

So you've got three headlines one two and three of all three characters in length each. And hadn't I wanted to is required both headlines three is optional. I would recommend using have been three at all times when possible.

Next up we've got our descriptions the two descriptions within your Google Ads expand the text and they both have character lengths of 90 each.

just bear that in mind when writing your descriptions about your business. So this is where you're going to highlight as much information as possible about your specific service or product that you supply. And again even try to include a call to action here and your recipes to help ensure that the customers click on your ad.


Next up we've got paths.

So there are two paths available to be applied to expanded text ads and these are both optional. However if possible I would recommend using these and it's basically just how your display your all is going to be shown.

So for example I might have a pass that says pages say planning and then that would show us slash PPC dash linen for my path one and two character elements here are 15 each.

And then finally go around and make sure that that is in place. And this is where you're going to be directing your customers to when they click on an ad.

So just to give you some easy farmers to help in terms of quickness when creating in your ads in the future in exile and we've got a couple of things down here. So we've got character length formats which are equal to LAN and so, 

For example,

  •  this is my headline the formula renews is 19.

  • if a double click here you can see this is my headline is exactly 19 characters.

  • we know the headlines low 30s so we could add some additional information here.

  • just my headline and say it is 27. That's probably about right for a headline.

  • So anyway I want to say a headline this is just a show the phone is in use.


Next up you've got the trim formula.

And this is useful to remove space at the beginning or end of words. So you might have copied some text from a Web site and they are copied with a space at the front or at the end. But when using the character formula for lengths it will counter space. And so for outer space to the end here, you say that goes up to 20.

So it might just be giving you an incorrect number there.

So this basically just trims out anything that's either side of the words and removes it for you to even it as it should be uppercase as you would imagine makes everything okay.

So if this is your son and I want everything uppercase the formula will make it look like this. 

However, just note when creating ads you will never have your ads in full of a case because it will be disapproved lowercase makes everything Laura.

 I want everything lowercase as the sentence and the form that makes it look like this. And then a really useful one is going to be the proper formula which is equally proper and how that works as it makes each capital letter each story each with a capital at the beginning.

So I want each way to have a capital letter turns into how it looks here. I want each way to have a capital letter.

And then the final useful formula will be how many words are in a specific sentence. And so here is quite a complicated formula. You could just copy this. And this basically calculates the number of words in a sentence.


So hate and say there is six in the sentence one two three four five six and the formula calculates. it is here for you. These are just really some basic formulas and some information that will help you in creating your Google Ads and expanding the text ads.


Conclusion: we have explained the best guideline to take suggestions from the Google support page. You can most effectively write ad copy. Thank you

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