How to be Approved Google AdSense for your website

05/06/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

How to be  Approved Google AdSense for your website

Today I will be taking you through good manners to help you find your approved location. I will be giving you three recommendations to increase your chances of being optimized for your site status.

Before I get into the best 3 steps, let me introduce you to some of them.

01. To make sure your site has the right ad code.
02. On having the site available
03. Program policies to ensure the site is policy-compliant.

Let's start with the above three parts.

01 ‍Step: To make sure your site has the right ad code. 

After generating an ad code, you will need to add code to the HTML of your site. You need to place an ad code on the header tag or on the top of your page body, without making any changes. Please be sure to enter the code on the same site you added to your AdSense account.

Alternatively, you can verify ownership of your site in the Search Console instead.

Once Google finds that you have verified your site in the Search Console, Google will continue to check whether your site is ready to display ads.

02 ‍Step:  On having the site available.

Please read the following questions to get Google AdSense and keep up with your website

1. Did you provide a modified URL?
2. Is your site working?
3. Can AdSense access your website without a password?
4. Can AdSense crawlers have access to your website?

Google regularly reviews websites that may be low or poorly uploaded. Therefore, Google cannot review these sites.
 Make sure the URL you used to sign up for the AdSense account is correct and valid worldwide.

Your site was not available if you needed a password to access that site. If your site login is password-protected, consider deleting the login screen so that Google can access your site.

Make sure you do not block our search engine in yours. TXT file to prevent any crawling problems.


03 ‍Step:  Program policies to ensure the site is policy-compliant.


Please review the google programs policies especially the content policies.

Google has identified three major violations of our publishers which Google will highlight next to help you avoid them.

The first violation is low-value content. Make sure the content is authentic and relevant to your users.

The second violation contains duplicate content. Make sure your content is unique and does not duplicate on different pages of your site. When the same content is found repeatedly on your pages or on other sites, your site will not be approved.

The third and final major violations of site patrols. Users need to be able to easily navigate your site.

This can be achieved by splitting your content, using the menu bar, and so on. Remember that Google can review all pages of your sites, not just the subscription URL where you put the ad code. This is why it is so important to make sure that each page has dynamic and easy-to-use content.

 In addition, Google advises you to place an ad code on your site's most popular page, which will trigger our program to recognize your ad code, and speed up the activation process.
 Last but not least, keep your site in the sites list, as removing it might delay the review process.



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