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06/01/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

The forum site is very useful for backlinks of your site. In a word, the forum sites for Dofollow backlinks are great. And you can get the backlinks of your site through posts, signatures, and comments. Hope you know.

And the most important thing for backlinks is Dofollow backlinks. The forum site is always in the build-up state. And here is a big advantage. Because no follow link is of no value for backlinks.

Let's see how to create backlinks for forums.

Register in the forum where you will create backlinks to your site. For example, I will show you using http://forums.xyz .com /.

First, enter the forum and click on Register.

Now you agree to the rules of the forum and click on Register.

Now complete it with all the information in front of you. Now perform all your tasks through email verification.

Set Your profile
After the registration is done, your job will be to set your profile. Always remember that you will never use the forum for spamming. Always comment or post according to the topic. Try to discuss any topic.

Anyway, go to the profile and see that there is an option for Home Page URL. There you can use the link of your site. Besides, it will work even if you don't give other things.

Set the signature
This is your biggest task for backlinks. For this, you go to Edit Signature from your control panel. Now from there, you choose a keyword for your site. Like I used keyword for my site SEO Tutorial. You are here. Never use only site links. Because if you use a keyword like mine, it will be used as the backlink's encore text. This encore text is very important for backlinks and search engines. Add a link to your site in a hyperlink.

Now click on Save Change to come out.

Now whenever you post or comment on that forum, you will see the link of your site there.

You can use one or more links according to the rules of the forum.

Post and comment
In order to get backlinks, you have to comment and post in the forums. You can start by commenting at the beginning. What are the precautions to be taken while commenting?

1. Do not write anything irrelevant in the comments. Because the admin of the forums is always active about spamming.
2. You can read the post first to make a good comment. It will be very convenient for you to comment.
3. Do not try to give any kind of link to the comment.
4. To save time, you can give Thanks For Your Great Post or Very Good information, 

100+ Forum Submission Sites/Forum Posting Sites List

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